Tuesday, August 27, 2013


ISSA X BANANA REPUBLIC. I so love Kate Middleton's style! She is one of my favorite style inspirations, as I am a fan of her sweet, prim-and-proper, and always-put-together style. She has become a style icon, and everything she wears gets sold out in stores right away! And what better way to embrace her style than to wear a dress similar to the ones she has already worn?
I am such a fan of Kate Middleton's style, I adore the way she styles and carries herself with such grace and elegance. I am sure most of the fashion world has already looked into the line that the Duchess' fave designer has put together for Banana Republic. I love love her line! :)

Don't you just love the elegant draping and the cinching in the waist that makes all the silhouettes of these dresses very flattering. :) And yes, it's available here in the Philippines! Was strolling through the newly opened wing of the Shangrila Mall in Ortigas (I loved all the detailing, and the juxtaposition-ing of the new building in relation to the existing one. Will try to blog about that sometime soon! :) and saw the Banana Republic Issa Collection window display. :) Did I say how much I loved the collection already? hehe

Have a great week everyone! For the rest of the working people -and the students too- it's back to reality for us after the Monday holiday. Hopr you guys had a good rest, refreshed for this week!

More on the IssaxBanana Republic Collection here
Pictures of the collection from Banana Republic site.

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Super Airam said...

I love Kate Middleton's style too Ms. Rache! She's so adorable! ^^

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