Wednesday, September 10, 2014


I've always loved travelling and exploring new places and cultures. It gives me a sense of adventure, and fresh perspective. So since last year, we have been planning trips, starting first with Asian countries. We take advantage of the amazing promo fares that the airlines have to offer, and thanks to them, travelling abroad is possible. :) 

Friday, September 05, 2014


SIMPLE BUT CHIC. Hello peeps! Its been a long while since I've blogged, no thanks to my overloaded work schedule. haha. 

So far I am still here, and managing. Sometimes you just have to sit back and relax, in spite of the things happening around you. There is always a reason for such things, and you'll become better because of it. I've always found that complex things suddenly become simple when you take a minute to organize, orient yourself and of course lift everything up to God. Life would be a lot easier if we just stopped worrying, do our best and let God do the rest. I know it's cliche, cut you'll never experience the truth behind it unless you really decide to do it. :)

We left for Bangkok last September 5 and came back on the 9th. I had a great time with my college friends exploring the city, experiencing the culture, and the food- to die for! I didn't get to shop as much as I wanted (yes, i know, i should have! haha) But it's another reason to come back. Their airport was really nice and the architecture amazing. People long ago really had a talent in design and construction. I totally miss Thailand! Will do posts on that soon. :)

We discovered a great place to eat at Malingap street, in Teacher's Village. They call it the Z Compound. Will tell you more about that too.

Did I mention that I so love the simplicity of the outfit posted? I love how it's simple, but chic at the same time. It's how you handle it that really makes the difference. :) I'm really getting into collecting simple and classic pieces now, for a more polished, but chic look.

So there. I hope you are all doing good. :) Stay happy and enjoy the weekend!

Thursday, January 30, 2014


SWEATER WEATHER , Bed weather, whatever we call it. :) It came a little late this year (Christmas season was kinda hot and humid. hehe), but we're enjoying it nevertheless. :) Makes you want to stay in bed longer, and snuggle up. :) This calls for layering, and those sweaters, blazers, jackets and scarves that have been hiding in the closet will surely add a little warmth to your outfit.

Monday, January 06, 2014


SUNNY START OF THE YEAR. I am opening this year with sunny outfit post. :) It's back to work today for all the offices, and the schools too, so even though I am still in the holiday mode, I had to get up and face the Monday morning traffic. I still can't believe how fast the days went by, like the holidays just zoomed past us. 

Sunday, January 05, 2014


In line with its support of Filipinos working abroad, The American Eye Center is giving eligible OFWs the ultimate gift with its Pamaskong Handog OFW Privilege Card through its Shangri-La and Greenbelt branches. With the OFW Privilege Card, kababayans can now secure eye health for themselves and for their dependents from anywhere in the world through discounts on diagnostics and treatments.

Friday, January 03, 2014


GOING ON THE BUCKET LIST : New York for New Year's? Would really love to go back and experience the Ball Drop at Times Square! Maybe not this year yet (but, who knows? hahaha) but it's definitely going on my long term bucket list. :) I love traveling, and hope to be able to travel more this year. (CDO and Bangkok on this list for 2014!)

Aside from this, goal this year is to spend Christmas with the relatives in Canada. Excited to spend the holidays with my cousins and titos and titas, and excited to see and experience the snow! It'll be a white Christmas, a dream come true! :)

So what a better way to start the year by reflecting, settings your goals, and saving up for it! I am really determined to save up this year! Found a great way to do this, has anyone heard about the 52 week-money challenge? It's a money saving challenge where in you put aside a certain amount of money every week (or for professionals, add the amounts for two weeks and set it aside every payday). The amount varies per week, as it compounds, and adds up. :)

table from Kuripot Pinay (for more info on this, visit her site! lots of great tips!)

Think of that thing that you want to save up for (it'll make you more determined, and will give you that drive to save!) : a trip to your dream destination abroad (or local), your dream gadget, a shopping spree, investing in stocks, or just the satisfaction of having all that moolah in your account (good too for emergencies, for future expenses, or just keep on going so you'll have a head start on your future retirement fund. :) Just think of that 60K that you'll be having by the end of the year! 

What a great way to start the year by aligning your goals and your finances, so that we can honor God through the way we handle our money this 2014. :) 

Will probably start adding to this bucket list in the next weeks. Am thinking of all the stuff that I want to accomplish this year. I am super excited for 2014! 


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