Style Inspiration : Kate Middleton

January 19, 2012

The current style inspiration. :) Here are some of her looks that I love. :)

CLASSIC SOPHISTICATION. I personally love the Duchess' style. Its young, and she always looks so elegant and sophisticated, perfect for a royal. :) I love how her looks are so simple and classic, but the way she carries herself is befitting for a princess.  Saw some of her most fashionable looks online (see more of her looks -photocredits too!- here!), all I can say is that she always looks so well put together and regal. :) 

Princess ang peg. haha. :) I just love simple and classic. You can never go wrong with it. :)
I think I need to buy a pair of nude pumps na. haha. :)

Who are your current style icons?

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