August 21, 2013

RAIN OR SHINE, friends will always be there for you. :) Cheesy as it is, it is true. I am just so thankful to have close friends who I can share everything with, even my innermost feelings and thoughts. :) 

And who better to take the unavoidable selfies with than with your bestest friends? hehe. 
This is me, Jen and Kai taking a group outfit pic. :)

Tank top from F21, Bag from Parisian, Blazer thrifted

 It's been 3 days of nonstop rain, and when it's raining out, and there's no work, then it's the best time to sleep in, have movie marathons, read some books and magazines that you have no time for when its super busy at the office, do some extra work, and bum around. 

Bu in the midst of sleeping in and bumming around, lets not forget to pray for the families that have been affected by the floods. We can always remember that God has us in the palm of His hands, and will never leave us and forsake us. :)

As I am writing this, the rains have stopped already! (thank God!) 

Ps. I am so happy about my new gold metallic flipflops! Thanks to Ipanema Phils for these pretty and comfortable flipflops. :)  

Stay safe and dry everyone! Time to bring out those cardigans, blazers, jackets and scarves. :)

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