Ronac Art Center

June 09, 2011

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I have been seeing this building when driving to Greenhills Shopping Center. Being an architect, I have always taken a second glance - I know awesome architecture when I see it, I get all giddy. :) I am so happy that in spite of the building cost here in the Philippines, some architects are still making a statement through their designs, when they could have just done a simple building. I have always thought that it was such a waste that there were so many design possibilities, but we are limited here, when it comes to construction technology and materials. So seeing the Ronac Center had me wanting to visit it. I just love checking out cool buildings, and this one definitely is on my list. Must visit soon!

See the stairs? Very Frank Gehry. :) 

I have yet to visit the Ronac Center, but in the meantime, here are some pictures. I am so itching to go and visit...


I so love the stairs! very sculptural. 
Artist's rendered perspective.
photcredits :

Daphne also featured it in her blog
Play of shadows on the walls. 
The stairs!
photocredits : Daphne's Diary
From the photos that I've seen, there are a lot of awesome spaces inside the building. I love that its quickly becoming a hotspot. Will definitely find time to drop by. :)


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