Hi, I am Rache! I am an architect by profession, I sing in our worship band at church and I teach little children at our Children's Church. I just learned how to drive (who would have thought that it would be such an exhilarating feeling!) 

My two fascinations are architecture and fashion. I think Fashion (as well as Architecture)  is a kind of art : it is seeing with artist's eyes : the proportion, combination of color and materials that would blend together in one outfit. Accessorizing is also a part of it, combining all the elements to make the look work. 

Things that i love: Fashion and dressing up. Great architecture makes me giddy. I love travelling,  and seeing the world, health and beauty (make-up!), eating out and discovering new places (restaurants, coffeeshops, etc). I also love reading, and writing. 

I love God, and I think that He is the greatest Architect ever! None can compare with Him. He made and designed the heavens and the earth, nothing beats that. :)

Here I share and write my thoughts, on fashion, architecture, and just about everything in between. :) 

Contact me!
Email me at fashionistarchitect@gmail.com for comments, questions, collaborations, reviews, and more! :)