May 16, 2013

Being an architect gives you an opportunity to be resourceful and creative. Designing gives me a certain high, seeing your it all come together on the piece of art that is your structure. But seeing it being constructed and finished is a different thing : the sense of fulfillment you get from seeing the finished work.

I have been given lots of opportunities to work on different projects, office and commercial buildings, beach developments, large private residences etc, but one of my favorite ones to work on are the residential and townhouse development projects we design for our clients. Its brings out the creative ideas because not only are you designing an exterior that will have to sell to the buyers, but you're planning for a limited amount of space. I want to think that I've kinda learned the tips and tricks already, from years of handling projects like these, and watching my senior architect plan and sketch. I have been designing some of our projects too and I can say that I am really enjoying it. 

We went to our site one time (we do houses for Avidaland), and I was inspired by the simplicity of the interiors that the designer we worked with did for our spaces. You can still have a lovely, modern home even in a limited space. :)

 living room 

 kitchen and dining room

 Tips of the trade: Bathroom under stairs provided that ample headroom is considered. :)

 View of the living room from the dining area.

 The living room. Some of the members of our project team on site. 

Sunny Spaces bring warmth to the home. :)

And I love the bedrooms too!

 Pretty yet simple right? 

Goes to show that we can also style our spaces so we can show our personality. 

I hope you have a great week ahead! 

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