April 17, 2013

SUMMER'S HERE! it's pretty obvious that summer has begun, given the very hot and humid weather we're having, and the kinda smooth flowing traffic along Katipunan (summer, school's out! :). I can't bring myself to wear jeans or pants because of the sticky weather, so I've been wearing my dresses and skirts, the ones that have been hanging in my closet for the longest time. Although it's kinda hot and humid, summer's also bright and breezy, the perfect time to bring out those bright colored, printed dresses/skirts, adorable sunnies and floppy hats.

I love summer : going on vacation trips, reading books, eating ice cream and halo-halo, and wearing pretty dresses and skirts. I've been thinking of ways to style outfits for the summer, and am inspired by my ever favorite website, Pinterest. :) So here are a couple of my favorite pegs for summer outfits. :)

Wear bold prints and bright colors! :) What I perfect way to channel summer!

Fun Nautical Stripes

Summery pastels. Must wear light and breezy clothes. :)

Loose and flowing pieces to battle the heat of summer. :)

Wear white, gives off a cool, crisp image. :) pair it with a nice skirt, or a pair of shorts. 

And don't forget to have fun with your accessories!

I might just try wearing hats this summer. hehe. :) 

The start of the year has been quite hectic, with lots of things going on at the office, 
and with other stuff. But the first quarter of the year has been awesome so far. :) Am so looking forward to the office summer getaway, i can't wait to hit the beach. :) Might be a good idea to stop eating too much sweets and carbs. hehe. :) 

So what are your summer plans?

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