June 03, 2013

THE WEEKEND THAT WAS. Its Monday again. Oh, the agony of waking up early again after sleeping in during the weekend. Some people like Monday (like my sister who constantly says "yey! Its monday again! every Sunday night.) most dread it. But why make it a pain when it could be a great start to the week? Now that's what I call uber positive thinking. haha.
I usually wear casual outfits st the office. I have to be ready when I need to go on site for a project inspection (the rebars, the cement, the dust of the woodworks, you get the picture? hehe) its fun being a girl
in this kind of profession (i am an architect, if you still are not aware. hehe) you get to be the girly girl that you are, but then fierce and commanding when at a meeting with the project team or on site with the foreman. :)
I try to wear a nice top and accessorize even though I am wearing jeans and flats.

So today I am wearing this nice blue collared top with my jeans, to celebrate my relaxed Monday. I wore 
my fave silver necklace with it. Adds a little something to the outfit. :)
 Tiles ang background. hehe. :) Architecture and fashion ang peg. hehe. :)

Wearing pink lipstick today!
Bought this cross ring at Greenhills when we went with the family last weekend. :)
A great reminder of God's love for us. :)

Put on some nice music, and relax everything's going to be fine despite today being a Monday! hehe. 
Here's to a great week ahead! hope you all enjoy your day! :)

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