September 10, 2014

I've always loved travelling and exploring new places and cultures. It gives me a sense of adventure, and fresh perspective. So since last year, we have been planning trips, starting first with Asian countries. We take advantage of the amazing promo fares that the airlines have to offer, and thanks to them, travelling abroad is possible. :) 
Last year we went to Hong Kong and totally enjoyed that trip with the barkada. This year we chose to book flights to Bangkok. I am proud to say that I have kinda pinned the art of travelling light, having a set of clothes in a medium sized suitcase, and with some space for pasalubong too! 

I loved their airport. Its design is modern and sophisticated. Their culture shines in their architecture. 
We did go to lots of temples, shows Thailand's love for their culture and the past, but their modern architecture is also something else. I really loved the way they design. It's very nontraditional, artistic, and modern at the same time. Of course we enjoyed the architecture and took it all in, with a few commentaries on the side. :)
We went to Siam Paragon to see Siam Ocean World. We loved their malls- every stall had a different theme, and each one was designed creatively. Siam Paragon was also very nice and sophisticated. :) Could you just imagine how they designed the Siam Ocean World located in the basement of the mall? It took ingenuity and creativity. It is a must see for tourists. :) (will write about that too. hehe)
 We met with Tita Juliet on our first day, and feasted on an eat all you can buffet for lunch. :) Special thanks to Tita who went out of her way to accommodate us! we love you! :))
We had a great week in Bangkok, lots of kwento in between and details on our other day trips. we enjoyed the architecture, the sights, the food-ah so delish! We experienced riding their train on our way to the food tour (which is worth an entry on its own!:) There's too much to put in one post, so this one is the intro bit, synopsis of our Bangkok trip. :)

Hope you're having a great Wednesday! Stay tuned for more Bangkok posts. :)

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