January 18, 2017

Family is love. :)

NEW YEAR, NEW BEGINNINGS. Hello again from my computer! :) I know I said I would blog more last year, well this year, it's time to implement those new year's resolutions! :)

Lots has happened in the past years, I got married to the love of my life, changed jobs and said goodbye to my 8 year long relationship with my last archi firm. So much has happened, and one thing that I realize, change is always happening. :)

What a better way to start the year than with change! hehehe. They always say, new year, time for new beginnings. One thing I have also learned to accept is that we have to quickly adjust to change. I am one who is super structured, I plan even my trip to the mall, which stores I'll visit. And so the start of 2017 was a little bit challenging for me. 

My sister (who works and lives in Singapore) came home this December to spend the holidays with the family, and we enjoyed Christmas and New Year together as a family. But as Steph left for SG, so did my younger sister Monica (they are migrating to the US). I am a clingy person, and I love my sisters to bits, so until now I am in a sepanx mode. hahaha. Although I am sad that they are not here in Manila anymore, I am happy for the many opportunities that have opened to them. :)

New Year Family Get Together 

I am sure that 2017 will hold many more surprises for me, and I resolve to embrace it with open arms. I will adjust and accept and continue to make the best out of all the things that happen and are about to happen. God will always be there to lead me and guide me. 


Here's to starting the year right, and embracing all the challenges and new things! It's a bit scary, but exciting too!

Cheers to the new year! :)

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