September 23, 2013

HONGKONG STREETS. Before I go on with my kwentos about our Hongkong trip, here's an outfit post. :) I knew that it would be super hot (we were warned by our friend, so we brought "summer clothes". hehe), thus the top-shorts combo. I love these trusty rubber flats (which I go on and on about, and I seem to be always wearing these. hehe) they were super comfy, and I have to tell you that you really need good walking shoes when travelling. :) This is what I wore to day 2, Disneyland and walking along Victoria Harbor. :)
kinda windblown na? hehe. structured bags are great to bring on trips, you can organize you stuff, and easily fish out your passport at immigration, or your wallet while shopping. hehe
top and shorts from bazaar, necklace from Girlshoppe, Sunnies from @tangerineph shop,
Bag from SM Parisian, Rubber flats bought during China trip
I loved that everyone had his/her own style to flaunt in HK, everybody seemed stylish like no one cared what was baduy or not. hehe. I saw a lot of stylish people, made me want to go fashion stalker on them, mala-Sartorialist and dating. heheh. So it was really nice to see the people dressed up. You can easily find H&M, Cotton On and other fashion botiques while walking the city. :) I'll be sure to hoard some more goodies when we go back (soooon sana! hehe).

We were so blessed that we experienced good weather when we were in HK.
It's raining out again,so stay safe and dry everyone! :)

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