September 30, 2013

THE VIEW OF THE SKYLINE. I loved our morning walk around the Tsim Sha Tsui area. While the guys were still hanging out in their hotel room, me and my close friend Elai took a walk around the city, and took advantage of this opportunity to take outfit shots! hehe. :)
It was a nice walk from the hotel, with lots to see. We were even amazed at the sidewalks! (they have nice sidewalks! :) The finish of the sidewalks were flamed granite, which is kind of a high end material for flooring. We loved the double-decker buses. :) Enjoy the photos! (lots of it! hehe)
 Ang daming selfie shots! hehe. and of course lots of pics of the buildings. :)
The Space Museum in the backround. :)
The architecture in Hongkong was impressive. We enjoyed taking shots of the buildings. :)
 I loved that they also took time to design the covered walks and underpass.
The view of the skyline from the Victoria Harbor is breath taking. :)
The historical Clock Tower at the Victoria harbor.
Look at all those glass buildings! :) hehe.
We have a bunch of photos from our trip, I have more from Disneyland which I will post soon! It was just a a couple of days in Hongkong, who knows how many photos we'll have if we stayed longer! We're seriously thinking of going back, kakabitin the short trip! 

The days have been flying by so quickly, its already the last day of the month! The malls are already putting up their Christmas tree displays, and the air is getting colder. :)

Hope you have a great week! 

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