September 20, 2013

TRAVELING WITH FRIENDS. Our Hongkong Day 1 (or should I say night? hehe) was such a fun experience. It was so great to be with friends on this trip, I didn't even notice the long waits at the airport! (that's me and Elai with Boaz, we took the next flight to HK- Arj and Mags were on the flight 2 hours before ours) Of course, Elai and I killed time by taking selfies. haha) We arrived at 10pm at Hongkong International Airport, and met up with our good friend Adriel who is staying in HK for quite some time now. We last saw each other 2 years ago (he came home and the barkada went on an out of town trip) and we were thrilled to be seeing him again, this time it was us visiting him. :) We so loved HK's ariport, it was such a good sign of this being an exciting trip. :)

I  love Hk's airport! We were totally impressed with the details, and the design of the structure, we took lots of pictures of it! It was great being with my architect friends, I can comment and appreciate the buildings/design and they would agree or comment back  (my sisters would always say "yan nanaman si ate with her technical comments about the building. hehe"). It would be such a great experience to be able to travel the world just to see all the airports of the different countries! 
Hongkong's Airport and transport system are so good, it made me wish that ours was as efficient as theirs. hehe. When you're travelling, one of the things that you would really appreciate is the mass transportation, since it's how you find your way through the city. The buses had a system, stopping only at designated bus stops, and having codes for which buses went where. And there are double decker ones! Last time we travelled through HK (on our way to China) we rode the bus at the first level only. Now we sat at the top level, and it was such an exciting bus ride! :) We left our luggage on the first level, and Adriel said it was totally fine to do that, but still we took the extra care of checking from time to time. I loved all the lights and the efficient road systems (haha. all praises ah. hehe. halata bang nagenjoy talaga? haha)
 We had late night dinner at Mcdo! haha. travelled all the way to HK for McDo. haha. Just kidding. :) it was the only restaurant that was open at that time, since it was really late. It's fun seeing the different things that are added to the menu, and yes there are different interesting stuff added in different countries. hehe. In HK you can have an order of broccoli on the side! hehe. We didn't try that, but we did have some shaker fries. hehe. :)
It was a great first night. Saw the city lights, and had a great first dinner in HK talking, catching up with Adriel and reminiscing and finally went back to our hotel to rest.
We went to Victoria Harbor and HK Disneyland the next day!
Will be doing a separate blog post for each. There are so many pics I had a hard time picking out the ones to post here. hehe.

It's been almost a week since we got home. Still can't wait to go back! hehe. 
Happy Friday everyone! :)

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