July 29, 2013

MY DAILY DOSE OF THE GOOGLYGOOEYS. I love how the Google Gooeys illustrate cartoons that everyone can relate to. Who hasn't experienced the feeling of waking up but not wanting to get up? That's exactly what the past few days have been for me, so hard to get out of bed because of the super cozy weather, I actually think fantasize about sleeping in and going to work at a later time every morning. haha.

Specially when you're working, you get to enjoy the privilege and luxury of sleeping in and waking up late during weekends. :) It's funny that when we were kids we hated going to bed and taking naps, but now that we're grown ups, all we wish for is some extra sleep, even if it means sleeping on your desk during lunch break, of falling asleep in the car on the way home (of course when you're not driving! hehe)

Last weekend, we met up with college barkada and had dinner together. Two of our close friends tied the knot two years ago and just had their first child a few months ago, so we were all super excited to see the little baby girl. :) You know you've grown a bit older when you're listening to your friends talk about giving birth, and doing fresh juice concoctions (healthy living na kuno. haha). and the funny thing is that we used to stay up really late during college days, doing our plates and designs, (sometimes with no sleep at all ) and that Friday night, since everyone came from work (probably so tired from work all week and getting stuck in EDSA traffic) , most of us were complaining that we were feeling sleepy already (at 10pm. haha). And in all fairness we still managed to watch a movie (of course with some of us falling asleep at some point - then trying so hard to stay awake- in the dark and cozy air conditioned entertainment room). So yey for bonding times, and friendships that last, through sleep and no sleep. haha. :)

Me and Hera.
 July celebrations - birthdays, friendships,
mostly a celebration of new things and things that are meant to be kept forever. :)
(emote muchy. haha)

Here's to having a great week! Happy Monday everyone!

Cartoon illustrations from
Click the link for more fun illustrations. :)

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