July 26, 2013

MEGA PUBLISHING'S HOUSE OF DESIGN. We were invited to Mega Publishing's celebration of the success of Bluprint Magazine, My Home and Condo Living. I loved the interior design exhibits that welcomed the guests at the venue. 

I saw several batch mates from architecture school who were included in Bluprints Top 40 Designers Under 40 list. (Was surreal to know these persons, we were classmates back in college and now many of them have their own architecture firms. Dahil jan, peg mapasama sa list na yan! haha.) The venue was elegant and really set to celebrate great design! Lighting can really change and set the mood. Loved the black and gold table settings - really nice and sophisticated.

And not only was it a celebration of sorts, it was also a chance to unveil the exciting things that Mega Publishing's 3 magazines have prepared for the readers. I have always enjoyed reading these magazines because of its relevance to my profession, and the ideas and new stuff that I learn every time.
Just some of My Home's guest editors who they have invited to contribute to the succeeding issues. My fave bloggers,  Patty Laurel-Filart and Rica Peralejo-Bonifacio are two of the guests editors! Will be sure to watch out for their issues. :) 

Condo Living will be launching the series of awards to recognize designs and designers alike. Watch out for this. :) Also, BluPrint is launching the AVID Design Competition, for professionals, students of architecture and even if you don't have a background in Architecture but you have a vision and a knack for design, this is for you too!

This year's design competition is for the design of a Contemporary Art Museum.

In the past 90 years, the development of Philippine museums has been from tradition to innovation. In the early stages, museums would conform to conventional designs. More recently, local architects have learned to go beyond conformity and explore design possibilities. BluPrint magazine is now on its 5th year for the Annual Visionary Design Competition (AViD)
For more information, click here.

Architects. :)

Enjoyed the celebration and looking forward to the surprises in store for the readers! :) Do watch out for the newest issues, plus more exciting things from Mega Publishing's BluPrint, Condo Living and My Home. :)

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