June 26, 2013

STORAGE WHERE THERE IS NONE. If I were given the choice, of course we’d want to a design our own house on our own property, complete with the two car (yes, dreaming of two cars. Haha) garage and a lawn/open space where we can have parties with friends and family (Arj and I are both architects, and that’s our super dream to have a home that we designed ourselves).  But if that doesn’t happen right away, I’d be happy to stay in an apartment or a condo unit (in the meantime).

I love small spaces (as you have noted in my latest architecture/planning related posts). Gives you the opportunity to get creative with your design. And what a great way to get creative than by producing storage where there is little space provided for large closets. 
A great idea to get the closet you have always dreamed of! :) Ladies, this means more storage for your shoes, and you can put your clothes on display so its easier to put together your outfit. Hang heavy curtains to provide some privacy in your dressing area/space.

The Steps serves as extra storage space.

Another walk-thru closet idea : putting in a closet can divide the bedroom and give you your very own walk-in closet/dressing area.The back of the closet- facing the side where the bed is- can serve as an accent wall. hang a rod with a curtain so you have an option to cover up/enclose your closet. 

Storage under the bed! A great idea! 

Another storage under the bed idea and a Pinterest worthy project : Literally provide storage spaces under your bed by elevating your bed and putting in cabinets underneath. Steps act as additional storage space. You can get creative and put in a working area or a hangout space instead when it's needed. 

You can then start to plan your space using unconventional ideas to create or divide space, such as dividers (or closets that can act as dividers, plus points for more storage! bunk beds, etc.) We’re currently planning an apartment project, and have been exploring some ideas to make small spaces work for all the requirements needed in a living space. It's a fun project to work on. :)

So, get creative and let your ideas flow! 
Happy planning! 

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