June 27, 2013

I remember watching Before Sunrise and Before Sunset with two of my closest friends, Axelle and Tom, way back during my college days. Since we are suckers for love stories, and artsy kind of movies, we loved these two films. they are love stories - a tale of two people who fell in love, they found each other and quickly decided to spend more time together. It's interesting how they clicked and quickly delve into conversation about each other's lives. 
They first meet on a train in Before Sunrise. Jesse (Ethan Hawk) whisks Celine (Julie Delpy) with him to Vienna. They whole movie they talk about their lives, just about anything under the sun. Then they part. They meet after nine years in Before Sunset, when Jesse heads to Paris on the last leg of his book tour (his book is about his encounter with Celine) and is surprised to see Celine in the bookstore. They talk and catch up and eventually end up in Celine's apartment. The viewers are left hanging whether or not Jesse catches his flight back.

I've just currently re-watched Before Sunset and was so happy to find out that they have a third movie!!! Before Midnight shows in all cinemas on July 3! :)
For those who haven't seen the first two movies, I've read reviews that you must see those first. The third movie has references to the first two. :)

I am definitely going to watch before Midnight! I am so curious and want to find out what happens next. :)
Can't wait! :)

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