June 24, 2013

BRIGHTS TO BRIGHTEN THE DAY. Colors make such a huge impact, it can brighten our mood, change the feel of a room, etc.  I like wearing neutral and muted colors, I feel more comfortable this way, like I'm not calling too much attention. But lately I've been trying to update my wardrobe, and adding more colorful and printed pieces. 
With friends - Kai ( and Cath, Tin at the back having fun with the camera. :)

There's always room in your closet to add more pieces! :) This means more choices and more options to pair up for outfits. :) Bright or patterned pieces can be paired with neutral colored ones just to balance out the outfit, so you don't look like a walking neon sign. hehe. I wore my bright printed top (that's what they call a chevron pattern, with lace at the shoulders and at the back.) with black slacks here to balance out the busy textures and colors. I paired it with my gold flats from Parisian, it picks up the gold/beige-y hues of the lace and the buttons.

Top from Greenhills BazaarGold Flats from SM Parisian, Watch from Tomato
Cross bracelet from Tangerine (follow them on Instagram - @tangerineph)

Random stuff that can brighten my day : finally fulfilled my craving for the McSpicy Hamburger! Loved it!

 It’s hard to always be bright and cheery, specially when your day has been kinda not so good. But I’ve learned that being happy and cheery takes willpower – it’s a choice one has to make, and it’s something we CAN chose to feel. :)  It’s easy to be grumpy when we feel we have the right to be that way, but in the end, it’s us who will suffer – as you will find out it’s no fun to be sad and bitter. So the best choice? Look on the bright side – everything has it’s purpose, and no matter how irritating things may seem to be, there’s always something to be thankful for.

So, look on the bright side! :)

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