June 17, 2013

This is a post to remember summer - when it was still ok to wear sleeveless tops and skirts. It's raining so hard as I am writing this, good thing I didn't forget to bring my cardigan today. :) So it's goodbye to the sleeveless outfits, and hello to layering!
Time to bring out those scarves, cover-ups, jackets and cardigans!
And don't forget your rubber flats (or boots if you like wearing those :) You wouldn't want 
your precious satin flats to get soaked in the rain (not to mention the "baha". hehe)

This is what I wore to the Coke - Glee Presscon we attended. I love wearing printed tops with plain skirts (or vice versa). I paired this outfit with my favorite nude chunky-heeled pumps. I can walk in these and it doesn't hurt that much (but still, these are 5 inch heels, so may hangganan din ang pagporma. haha). It has always been a habit of mine to wear flats first (for the commute or the long walks) then I change into my heels. :)
 I love these nude pumps that I bought on sale from People are People. :) They have a nice selection of shoes, and if you're lucky enough, you'll stumble upon their sale rack of shoes. :) Check them out!

The obligatory "selfie" pic in the mirror at the Manila Penn. :)

Have fun styling your "rainy season" outfits. :) 
I feel like having a cup of coffee at Starbucks or Coffeebean later. hehe. :)

Have a great rainy afternoon. :) Stay safe everyone. :)

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