January 15, 2013

via pantone.com

ITS GOING TO BE A GREAT YEAR! Even Pantone's color of the year shouts just that. :) I love how colors can contribute a great deal in changing the mood, and creating an atmosphere. And Emerald green is such a rich, lively color, perfect to welcome the new year! 
We're going to be watching again how this color will translate into the runways, and in design. Other than the charming and lush Emerald Green, we'll be seeing more of the subtle hues this year. :) (i just love pinterest, so inspiring! see the perfect palette's inspiring boards to see more on the 2013 color inspirations. :)

I have yet to start looking for the trends in fashion for this year, and I plan to do that soon, so I can get ready with my wardrobe, and the items that I must buy for this year. hehe. Every year is a new opportunity to update your style, but always remember to make it your own still. :) 

More of the subtler hues will be present in this years collections. :) I'm personally liking these hues, all of which in my opinion convey warmth and sophistication at the same time. :) Another reason to hit those end of the season sales for new clothes/shoes/bags/etc! hehehe.

So, let's continue to ring in the year with much excitement, expecting many great things to come! I just think that Emerald Green being the color of the year says a lot, and is a declaration of an awesome year ahead. 

I hope i get to blog more often, i miss writing and just ranting random stuff. Hopefully I'll get to do that more this year. :)

Happy Styling!

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