Baby its cold outside.

January 05, 2012

 The gang. 

Session Road Midnight Bazaar. Shopping galore. hehe.

 At Mines view park, the forever tourist spot. hehe. 

Strawberry Taho and Binatog.

Outfit pics. :)

Dress: Forever 21  II  Black Patent Pumps 

 UP NORTH. We had our company Christmas party at Baguio this year. Was kind of a vacation for us too, taking a break from the busy-ness of the office. I have fond memories of Baguio, we would celebrate Christmas with other family friends up north, it was always super fun! Although we're all grown up now, we're still close friends. :) So it's always nice to visit Baguio once in a while, to enjoy just being away from the city, and the climate too! First up was the Market/Bazaar along Session Road. Half of the lane was closed for the midnight market : shopping galore! :) We had a red carpet theme for the party, so everyone dressed up for dinner. The trip was super fun, specially when you're with the craziest people. haha. Enjoyed the trip!

Still can't believe that the holidays are over, and everyone is back to work. haha. Still have a bit of a hangover from all the festivities, but I have a pretty good feeling about 2012. I think (and declare!) that it's going to be a great year! (the best ever!) May all our dreams and goals become a reality this year, i know we can do this because nothing is impossible with God! So exciting! :) 

Thanks to everyone who supported and read my blog. :) (special shoutout to my best blogger buddies jen and kai! and all my blogger friends and readers too! :)  It's been a great year and super excited to see what 2012 has in store for me! 

Love love,

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