Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011 in pictures. :)

2011 RECAP. 2011 has been a blast! :) I'm getting sentimental as I try to remember everything that happened during the past year. :) I went through all the pictures: So many things to thank God for, so many new experiences, memories, new friends. 

My 2012 goals: to finally enroll in driving school, to venture out and start practicing architecture on my own (starting a firm with friends too!),  to take more risks, travel out of the country and drink vitamins (hahah.) I am sure there will be many more bonding moments to share with friends, more opportunities careerwise (and blogging too!), many more memories to make. As we start making plans for 2012, let's not forget to ask God too, I'm sure He has lots in store for us this coming year! So exciting! :)

I've had so many opportunities in blogging this year, met so many new blogger friends (shout out to the blogger friends! :) and of course so many bonding moments with friends. Here's my 2011 in pictures. I'm pretty sure that 2012's going to be a great year too! 

Cheers to the New Year! :)



Arnie Villanueva said...

Awww Rache!!! Thanks for being a great part of my 2011! :) Looking forward to see you again in the coming year! Miss you.


FashionistArchitect said...

@arnie: thanks too! here's to more bonding moments together! cheers! :)

shopgirl jen said...

ang dami nating pix. parehas pala tayo ng ginawa haha! loveeet! mwah! love you rachiebelly! Cheers to more shoes(?) and fashion this 2012 haha! :)

Jenine S. said...

Happy New Year! =)