All the stuff in between: Food Cravings and Pantone Color Trends

December 07, 2011

Random Food Cravings and Fashion Forecasts. We had our Monday night dinner at the newly opened Bonchon in Trinoma with the girls (we had the 9 piece combo of wings and drumsticks! supper yummy!)  then had dessert at Parvati. We ordered  a selection of our  favorite desserts, mine is always a (dark) chocolate cake. :) It was just so good to hang out with the girls and eat the most delicious desserts, I just love eating out and bonding with friends. 

Been surfing for the fashion forecasts for 2012, and I saw this Pantone color chart, showing the color trends that will be in next year. Being an architect, we work with color charts everytime, and color can make all the difference in design. Same with fashion.This chart will be the best guide for shopping, to scoop up the trendiest items, clothes and shoes in these flattering hues. :) I promise myself, I will wear more colored pieces next year, since I have always been comfortable with monochromatic outfits lately. It's time to introduce some changes next year, be bolder and more outrageous. (not just with my style, but in other areas too. :)

Christmas is just around the corner. So excited for it. :)

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