The Simple Pleasures : Chocolate and impromtu hangouts.

November 30, 2011

 Try the blogger smile. :) Hanging out with the girls is always so much fun! :) 

Impromptu get togethers and bonding moments. I just love hanging out, chatting, talking and laughing. And Fruitti Froyo! Love it! I missed you Astrid! :) We should hangout again soon!

My Starbucks drink : Toffeenut Latte! :) Hanging out at Starbucks Gateway, which is becoming my favorite place to spend 'me time'. Free wifi! I can spend all day reading books, surfing the net and enjoying my coffee. Love it! :)

 Dark chocolate with a twist. I super love dark chocolate!!! This is one of my favorites : Chilli Dark chocolate. :) Someone brought us a bar of this, and I've been looking for it in the grocery ever since. I found it in Trinoma Landmark grocery, for those who want to try it. hehe. It's really good! If you love spicy food, you'll like this. :)

Hangout with the officemates. I work with some of the brightest and best people. (yes naman! hehe) They're the best ever! :) Whenever we get to go out together, we have the best time : laughing, eating, and chatting. :) What we love to do: eating out (dampa! the best ever!), kwentuhan, and videoke! 

The simplest things. I like this idea of blogging about the things I love most. I am the type of person who is easily pleased with the small things, laughs at the corniest jokes. I enjoy the simplest things. I can sit in a coffee shop and read books for hours, and enjoy the 'Me' time. Or stroll to the nearest tiangge on the way home and enjoy window shopping, (or shopping. haha.).

What are your favorite things/pleasures? Do share! :)

Also, the Bloggers' United Bazaar is coming up! Mark your calendars, the bazaar starts on December 3, Saturday. It'll be the best place to buy gifts for your fashionista friends and family members! :) And you'll get to meet your favorite bloggers as well! 

It's a holiday today! It's a welcome rest day in the midst of the busy week. Enjoy it everyone! :)

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