Cool Planning Ideas - Small Spaces!

September 12, 2011

My sister showed me this video yesterday. its an add by Ikea, featuring interesting planning ideas. Now I am itching to fix our spare room, turn it into a walk in closet/dresser/study. I have always been fascinated with brilliant planning ideas, and when I saw this, I was impressed. :) Watch out for the bit on the bedroom for 6 people, and the walk through closet in the small bedroom : amazing ideas! 

You can plan small spaces to serve more than one purpose, by putting in easy-to-move furniture, and by using dividers, or curtains. Also the spaces under the bed can serve as a separate "room" by adding curtains or we can also create a walk in closet (you can enclose it and make it into a dressing area also by adding curtains!)

For more cool planning ideas click here. (interesting ideas for walk in closets : space to put all your shoes and bags!) 

I love how you can do so much even with the smallest space! 

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