I love : Reach by Peter Furler

September 14, 2011

I was listening this morning to klove.com (a Christian radio station, you can listen to it online! It features all the latest Christian artists and bands), and heard this song that spoke to me. 

I love how God loves everyone in the whole world, but still calls each of us by name. :) It's an unfailing, amazing awesome love. 

Peter Furler - Reach
From the album On Fire

You hold the weight of the world 
Still I don't slip through Your hands 

Your love is bigger 
Than just a notion built by man 
I fall again and again, 
But you whisper, “You're still mine.” 
You feel the pain of the world, 
But you never push mine aside. 

And You reach for me 
With a love that quiets all my fears 
And You reach for me 
Like a Father wipes away the tears 
So many people in this world, 
But I hear You calling out my name. 
You reach for me. 
Now I'm never gonna be the same. 

You know all of my fears 
There's nothing Your eyes can't see. 
When I tried to give up, 
Lord, You never gave up on me. 
I give You all of my hopes and dreams, 
I lay them down. 
Of all the place I've looked, 
You're the one truth I have found. 


You hold the weight of the world, 
Still I don't slip through Your hands. 
You put the stars in the sky. 
You know every grain of sand. 


You reach for me. 
For me.

I love this song. :)

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