Cool Planning Ideas - Perfect to make into a walk in closet. :)

June 22, 2011

I was researching for ideas for renovation for a condo unit that I am designing, and i saw these cool planning ideas - perfect for small spaces. The space is small, so why not work it into something that can be much more than just a bedroom with a bed and side table? 

The spaces under the beds would be perfect to convert into storage spaces, or better yet, walk in closets! Isn't that amazing? Your very own walk in closet. Underneath your bed. 

Working with small spaces can actually bring out innovative design ideas because of the very limited parameters, there are countless things that one can do to personalize the space.

Here are some of the design ideas that I have come across. Interesting ideas. :)

 You can probably design this so that your bed can slide under your study space! :)

 The space underneath would be perfect as a hangout spot. :) I'm imagining one can hang a thick white cloth on the side where the study is underneath the bed, and have an instant mini movie viewing area. 

 This would be great as a walk in closet- storage for shoes, and bags. :) 

Extra storage underneath the beds. The Study/office space in between is a great idea. If this space was to be designed for a girl, the other table could be made into a dresser with a mirror. :)

Interesting eh? Some of the designs are for a kid's bedroom, but you can upgrade it to fit your design you are envisioning. :)  Might just do something like this at home. hehe. 


(photocredits here)

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