Shoe love : Asian Vogue

June 13, 2011

It is my dream to have a whole closet full of shoes. (hehe.) I think that shoes make the outfit ; you can be wearing a simple shirt and jeans outfit, but you can dress it up with the right pair of shoes. A girl can never have too many pairs of shoes! (wink wink)

I just saw the latest collection on Asian Vogue on facebook today. I love their statement shoes, so fab and glam! Do I have to pick just one? hehe (must go slow on the shopping.  :)

I am still looking which pair I want to buy. Browsed through their selection on their multiply site, and here are some of my choices. :)

looks like pop art!


Wisteria-like Wedges. Black or beige?

Since I super love pumps, how about these?

Or maybe a pair of wedges?

Check out their multiply site! Lots of fab statement shoes!

If you had the chance to take one shoe, what would it be?


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