Monday, June 20, 2011

Zebra Print Scarf on a Rainy Day

My friend just came home from a trip to Europe - she brought me home a really nice zebra print scarf (c/o my other close friend whom she visited in Stockholm) from H&M which I totally adore.  I shall wear it soon!

 Thanks for the scarf Tommy! I love it! :) (Thanks for bringing it home for me Axellie, and for the candies! :)

It's just in time, since its staring to rain often already. Is it the start of the rainy season already? hehe. Time to bring out those jackets, cardigans, scarves - and layer, layer! :) 

What's more relaxing than reading a book, or listening to music (We -my sister and I - are listening to K-Love, it's a Christian radio station. Everyone who loves contemporary Christian music will love this. :) while laying down in bed? (all day? hehe. no work tomorrow! yey!). Hot chocolate, coffee or tea would be great too. Now I'm craving for a hot Starbucks drink, or an Apple Pie Tea Latte (Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf). 

What'll it be? :) Apple Pie Tea Latte - or Cafe Mocha? :)
Photocredits here and here

What makes a rainy day perfect for you?

Ps: Hope you all had a great Father's Day celebration with your dads. :)
Will post Father's Day photos soon. 



wickeRmoss said...

love the scarf girl! anything animal print is love!!

fashionistarchitect said...

@wickeRmoss thanks! I love it! :) heard from jen and kai that your clinique event went great! Sayang, I was not able to email for invites. hehe maybe next time you have an event. :)

hazel said...

fierce scarf!! :D lucky you have such generous friend lol ;)

fashionistarchitect said...

@hazel: haha. correct! :) love the zebra print. :)

Michelle said...

Ohmygosh! I die for that scarf!! H&M is going to open in MOA soon. Excited!!

Ohmygosh! I was supposed to go to UST to study archi din but then, I ended up in CSB for interior design! Thanks for following! Followed you back.

fashionistarchitect said...

@Michelle: thanks for following too. :) really, they're opening in MOA? excited too!

Hollie said...

That's a pretty scarf!
btw, thanks for following my blog, I followed you back.

fashionistarchitect said...

@hollie: thanks for following too. :)