Wednesday, May 04, 2011

In color and white.

A great way to wear your summer/spring outfits is to mix bright colors, prints and add a touch of white. Makes it look fresh and clean. 

Just a few of the color and white outfits that I saw and loved. :)

Love everything about this outfit : the shoes, the bag, the pants, the sunnies, the jacket! 

White and bright turquoise : mix it up with bright colors!
The floral skirt with the pumps. love.
Pastel colors : also perfect for spring/summer.
Love the touch of red.

Add a floppy hat perhaps?

In other news: Here's something else I saw. 
Nude colors for spring, clean, and fresh looking as well! 
Just a pretty pallete. 

(Photocredits : tumblr)

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Hazel☺ said...

ahhh i love the nude outfits :) i find it very feminine and classy :P