The Wiggle Dress.

April 26, 2011

 I was watching the Thread on Yahoo, (i love watching the videos, one after the other. :)) and came across this trend which is the Wiggle Dress. I've seen the wiggle dress before, but I had no idea what it was called.

I was blog surfing when i came upon this article ( about the wiggle dress:

The classic definition of a Wiggle Dress to longtime vintage clothing sellers and shoppers is that the width of the hem of the dress is narrower than the hips. This narrowness keeps your legs close together at the knees, causing the 'Wiggle' when you walk, preventing you from taking large strides. The shape of the skirt actually causes you to wiggle when you walk! That's why its called a wiggle dress. 

What a wiggle dress is not:
  • A Wiggle dress does not have pleats or gathers in the skirt. You cannot get a crinoline under a Wiggle Dress.
  • A Wiggle Dress does not have a flounce or turn into a bustle in the back.
  • A Wiggle Dress does not have a slit up to the thigh.
  • A Scooter dress is not a Wiggle Dress.
  • A Mini Dress is not a Wiggle Dress
  • A Romper is not a Wiggle Dress

I love how it accentuates the curves, but is still modest and ladylike (the length of the skirt/hem)

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