January 30, 2014

SWEATER WEATHER , Bed weather, whatever we call it. :) It came a little late this year (Christmas season was kinda hot and humid. hehe), but we're enjoying it nevertheless. :) Makes you want to stay in bed longer, and snuggle up. :) This calls for layering, and those sweaters, blazers, jackets and scarves that have been hiding in the closet will surely add a little warmth to your outfit.
I've been wearing a lot of long sleeved and sweater tops, cardigans and blazers lately. Sometimes I wear a scarf with a plain top to keep warm. I find that wearing blazers or cardigans over tops can be more convenient, as it id usually colder in the morning, then gradually becomes warm during the day.
 I love blazers : wearing them over shirts gives your outfit that instant made up look, even if you're just wearing flats, sandals or sneakers with it. Wear it with your fave necklaces : chain necklace if you want to add a little rocker feel to your outfit, or pair it with pearls to give you that preppy look. :)

Keeping it casual with sneakers, and pointy flats.

So whether you're sporting a blazer, a jacket, a cardigan or a sweater, bundle up with style , accessorize and make it your own. :)

Happy Layering!

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