August 05, 2013

MODERN DESIGN. It's so fulfilling to see something that you've worked so hard on come to life. The Clubhouse we (our firm) did for an Avida project in Nuvali is already up and running, and is being used by the home owners and guests, and it's so nice to think that it turned out well. This, by far, is one of my favorite projects I've worked on. 

I've always loved modern design, with it's simplicity, clean lines and play of surfaces and massing. It has an appeal of sophistication and looks so classic and clean (much like my taste in fashion. hehe). It looks put together and not too cluttered, but at the same time you can play a lot with textures, lines and planes. We did just that in this design, lots of play with massing, and lines, but staying in the neutral palette for the color scheme to make it look homey, but still classy and sophisticated. 

Play of lines

View of the pool from the deck.

Function Hall with it's bamboo reed ceiling. 

I have always loved being an architect. Maybe because there's that part of me that's obsessive compulsive (O.C-ness. hehe), so I love coordinating, analyzing, designing and documenting (I know, I sound like a geek. haha). And I always have believed that God gives abilities to people and puts them in places where they can prosper and flourish. Just a little Monday pep talk for everyone. :) We can succeed and grow where we are as long as we love what we are doing. 

Why do the weeks keep on passing by so quickly? hehe. We're already halfway through the year! hehe.
Have a happy Monday!

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