August 13, 2013

 RAINY DAY OUTFIT. It was a rainy Sunday morning, so I decided to wear something that I could be comfortable in. My biker jeans have been in my closet for the longest time because they were too big for me (yes, i gained weight na ng lagay na yan. hehe) So I was thrilled that they fit me again. Don't they add a little biker chick effect kuno to my outfit? :)

I love these slingback pumps that I got. Adds height, and although my legs hurt a bit (because of the height of the heel) after standing in these all morning, I just couldn't resist. After all, I do love a nice pair of heels. :)

Biker Jeans from Boutique Nayeli, Peep-toe Slingback Pumps from Janeo
Silver necklace from Girlshoppe

I love how the necklace accessorizes the outfit well. Thanks to Jen for being my photographer that day. it's been a great start of the week so far. Lots of work at the office, but it's always an opportunity to show excellence in what you do. :) 

Have a great week everyone! :)

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