July 05, 2013

WHAT TO WEAR WHEN ITS RAINING OUT? It was raining again today and although I love hanging out on rainy days with a cup of coffee and my favorite book, going out or commuting in the rain is not my favorite thing. Also I've been thinking of what to wear; some days the weather can be so bi-polar (sunshiny morning, thurnderstormy afternoon) that I don't know if I have to dress for the rain, or wear something light and breezy because its hot out. 

I have been wearing my trusty rubber flats with most of my outfits lately. I hate the feeling of wet toes while walking, thus my solution is wearing waterproof rubber flats, plus the fact that the rain can damage your beloved flats/pumps. If we can get away with wearing rain boots, why not? hehe. But as for me, I'm sticking to my flats for now. :) They go with pants, skirts, almost everything. :)

Here are some rainy day ideas that I think will be perfect for the rainy season. Some of these ideas are things that I do to keep an outfit chic, but still functional and comfortable. :)
What better way to brighten up a rainy day than to wear bright or fun prints? Pairing it with a skirt (or shorts) can spare you from walking around with wet pants. You can easily dry off after coming in from the rain. :) wear a comfy jacket or long cardigan to keep yourself snug and warm. Also wearing a jacket/coverup/cardigan over your top-skirt outfit can give you the option of taking it off later on when the rain has stopped and it's much warmer outside.

A cute long-sleeved top with a nice skirt can be a good outfit choice too : not too covered up (for when it stops raining) but still not too exposed (so you wont freeze outside when it does rain). And still super chic! plus points!

A cardigan is a good choice for a coverup. And personally its one of my favorite things to wear over my outfits.  Its classic and chic, and functional. :) Wear it in bright colors to add a little something to your rainy day outfit.

Wearing pants can still be the best thing, because it keeps your legs from the cold. :)
 Wear a  structured jacket over your top. 

A nice long sleeved top or sweater is an easy go-to staple for rainy days. I wear it with my favorite skinny jeans, and flats.

A scarf can make your outfit chic and stylish! Plus it helps to keep you warm when out in the rain. :) I just love structured jackets. You can add color to your outfit by wearing it in different colors. :)

Rainy days don't mean you can't wear your dresses anymore. :) Just cover up with a cardigan or a jacket to stay warm and dry.

Wear you jacket (structured jacket, jean jacket, bomber jacket, ect) or cardigan over your dress to protect you from the rain. Be sure to wear a dress with a material that's not too light and breezy, or else you'll have a hard time holding down your skirt. I've experienced this (it was funny! hehe). So I make sure I'm not wearing a dress that can easily be blown in the wind. 

So there you have it. Stuma-stylist ako. hehe. Just a few of the things that I do to keep warm and dry on rainy days. 

Stay dry, and happy styling! :)

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