July 09, 2013

No Monday blues here! :)

The weekend has passed by so fast, I didn't even feel it. hehe. But had such a great weekend. my cousin, tito and tita came home from the US, and we had a much awaited reunion, with everyone there, (almost everyone). For the longest time we had no little kids in our family. Now the cousins and my sister have their little ones already. :) It's good just to savor the moments and make the most of them while they are happening. :) Its always a great time with the family. :)

Top from Greenhills Bazaar, Tank top from F21Gold Flats and Bag from SM Parisian, 
Chain Necklace from Tangerine (follow them on Instagram - @tangerineph)

It was a great Monday overall, but you can't help having those moments that make you grind your teeth. Sometimes the little things strike my nerves, and I get irritated.  I suddenly find myself getting annoyed by the traffic and the extra jeepney ride that I have to take, etc. The simple habit of always thinking of the positive things helps a lot, and remembering that God is there and cares even about the most irrelevant things gives you the peace in your heart, and tells you that all things will be ok because God holds you in the palm of His hand. :)

A little tidbit to start your week with. That is a revelation and a reminder even for me. hehe.
Have a great week ahead and stay positive!

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