July 17, 2013

SAME BUT DIFFERENT. I love plain tops with bold colors because I get to accessorize more and wear printed bottoms with it. Though I haven't tried wearing printed pants yet (which I would love to try, would I be able to pull it off? haha. ) because I'm so comfortable with jeans, the closest I've been to that is wearing a colored pair of pants. :) Plain tops also give you more freedom to style and mix and match, which is perfect if you have a limited budget. :)

I wore this top with my black slacks, (see the post here) and this time I wore it again, but with a different skirt and necklace.

Necklace from Tangerine (@tangerineph on Instagram)

Skirt from Forever 21 , Bag from SM Parisian

I love the details on this necklace. :) and what's great about it is that I can wear it with both my gold and silver accessories. 

I think the key is changing up the accessories, and mixing up your tops and bottoms. This would work perfectly also when traveling so you don't have to bring too much stuff, just a couple of clothes that you can mix, match and layer. :) 

It's the middle of the week already! Time goes by so fast! 
Hope you guys are having a great week so far. :)

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