June 11, 2013

 I look forward to weddings. It has always been a great way to celebrate life, love and family. :) It amazes me how God brings together two people, with different lives, and how they become a team. :) That's why I love watching wedding videos, seeing the different stories of different couples. I am sucker for love stories. :)
I like oohhing and ahhing at the different details of the weddings. Am OC like that. haha. And now, more than ever, I am convinced that God does honor the desires of our hearts, even when it comes to our love lives. It's God the sweetest? :) Not only that, He's the perfect matchmaker. :)
 I wore this dress to a wedding last weekend. I love the details : the ruffles and the folds of this H&M dress. And because it is gray and white, its the perfect dress to wear with red pumps and a red clutch (vintage, from my lola. cool right?) The theme of the wedding was white and red, so I thought of incorporating something red into my outfit. 

Weddings are the perfect time to mingle and catch-up with friends and family, And not to mention dressing up for the occasion! 

Have a great day everyone! 
Its Independence day tomorrow! Enjoy!

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