May 15, 2012

SUMMER TRIP : Sunnies, shorts, camera. check. :)

 on the way to Bataan

 The gang at Mt. Samat. Good thing Sir Caloy brought along his tripod, so we could be complete in all the group shots! :) Tip for when you're travelling with a group, bring a tripod. :)

 Having fun with creative shots. See the cross? 

 Took the elevator up to the top of the cross. view is breathtaking up there. :)

 Summer trips are the perfect time for shorts, sunnies, beach accessories, ballet flats and flipflops. :) 

 At Las Casas. 

 Anvaya Cove, Subic. Love the Balinese architecture. :)

 I miss the beach. bitin. hehe. 

SOAKING UP THE SUN. I have always enjoyed trips out of town, just a time to relax and be somewhere else rather than the busy metro, and not think about the things that usually occupy your mind. Lounging beside the pool, surrounded by water and sand is the most relaxing feeling. We really wanted a longer vacay, but duty calls. so it is back to the office for us in the meantime. hehe. :) We really made sure we made the most out of the two days we spent out of town with the officemates  and the boss. We headed north to Bataan for Mt. Samat and Las Casas (which we super enjoyed since all of us were architects. This would be a great place to visit, whether you're and architect, an art/history lover, or just someone who wants a unique experience. more on Las Casas in another post.), then headed for Anvaya Cove in Subic the next day. (sun, sand, beach, pool, good food and the crazy officemates. super fun. hehe).

The sun was shining so brightly, just perfect for taking pictures. :) We all brought our cameras along for the trip, and we have a gazillion photos which I had to choose from for this post. hehe.
Anyway, we did so many things in the short span of time we had (overnight. hehe) We're already planning the next trip. haha.  

Will do a separate post on Las Casas. :)
Hope you're enjoying your summer loves! :)


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