Monday, May 28, 2012


BROWN. BEIGE, BLACK.  I bought this top at a bazaar, I just loved the printed collar, how this top can be so simple, yet so chic. I have already worn this with my bandage skirt to a meeting, just paired it with heels. Wore this outfit to my nephew's christening yesterday. I love how the nude heels go so well with the top. :)

The Collar. I love the animal print on this. They have one top with a polka dot collar,
 i think I might get that too! :)

My nude heels, this pair I bought during my China trip. :)

 I have recently been meeting my sister after work, to keep her company while waiting for my brother in law , who has been working overtime these past couple of days. We hangout at Eastwood -where they work - sometimes eat a snack or watch a movie. Last Friday I got to roam around the stalls in the bazaar, I had to control myself, because there was so much stuff to buy! :) I caved in a bought this cute ring, because I lost my other black one. It has intricate detail on the side which I found really nice. :) 

I wish there were more days in the weekend. Felt it pass by so quickly. hehe. 
Hope you had a great weekend, and here's to the week ahead too! :)



Gellie Abogado said...

I love the top Rache! :)

FashionistArchitect said...

@gel: thanks! :)

Hazel said...

cute outfit!! minimal yet chic!!! :) and yeah, there's so much good stuff at the eastwood bazaar!! :P

beautylilsecrets said...

i love this ensemble! you got that right, simple and chic :)