March 14, 2012

 Forever 21 Blue plain top. Skirt : Bazaar . Parisian Wedges . Necklace : Gift

BRIGHT BLUE. I love this skirt. (can you tell? hehe) I wear it to give a little omph to my outfit, and just pair it with a plain shirt and one of my necklaces. :) i love how its fun and at the same time kinda corporate as well. I wear a cardigan over it when its raining. :) the wedges are my favorite as well, they're super comfortable, and stylish at the same time. :)  The necklace is a gift from my close friend (and fellow blogger!) jen. (check out her blog,, one of my favorite pieces. :)

I am back, from my long vacay from work (just a week, but its a long time to be away from the office. hehe), I still have a slight hangover from the trip to China and Hongkong, my first time again in a long while to travel out of the country. It was super fun and adventurous (the airport in Hongkong and China is super nice! Just wish that our airport was like these.),  I shall dedicate a separate blog entry for that and will post pictures from the travel.  I recently bought a lightweight coat that would have been perfect to wear on the trip (it was 11degrees cold. ) I still bought it, to use for future travels, at least I have a coat in my closet for travelling. Hongkong is really nice, so was China. :) China is the perfect place to shop, its like a huge Divisoria. hehe. I had to control my shopping since we had to catch a train from China to Hongkong and carrying heavy luggage would be such a hassle. All in all,  trip was fun, exciting, and productive! Next stop on the Asian Tour: Thailand, Singapore, Cambodia. :) hehe. 

What country is your dream destination? 

Hope you're having a great week so far! :)


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