February 28, 2012

 Ice cold Coke on a super hot day. Yes!

make-up session in the middle of the field. haha.

A casual outfit for a sunny day of hanging out with friends.

OUT IN THE OPEN. The Hot Air Balloon Festival this year was full packed, and well advertised. We (churchfriends) were able to go on the second day, but we kinda missed the flight of the hot air balloons in the morning, because of the traffic, thus the pictures with the planes and the riffles. haha. We still had a lot of fun, it was a change of scenery for us, because we usually just hang out at malls on weekends. :) i think I still have a sunburn from staying out in the sun all day. hehe. We went crazy with the pictures because the sun was shining so brightly, and the lighting was so nice, just perfect for picture taking. :) 

I was thankful that I wore shorts because it was so hot. I paired my shorts with a statement tee. A casual outfit for a day of camping under the sun (haha, sounds like torture doesn't it? haha) kite flying, plane watching, and picture taking. :)

It's been quite a while since I last blogged, I apologize for the long gap. hehe. Have been taking care of lots of things, but I'm back. :) March and April are going to be super busy months for me. Lots of stuff coming up, will blog as I go along. 

It's just the second month of the year but everything is going great so far. :) I hope the start of the year has been good for you as well. 

have a great week loves! :)

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