Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas, my favorite time of the year!

Starbucks Stopover. Toffeenut Latte, one for the road. :) 5-6 hour drive ahead. :)

OF CHRISTMAS PARTIES AND STARBUCKS. Christmas has always been my favorite time of the year.  I love the festive feeling and the excitement of the holidays. There's nothing quite like it. :) We had our company Christmas party in Baguio this year. I have fond memories of Baguio, we used to spend every Christmas there when we were little kids, together with friends (kai, do you remember? hehe) It's great to go back and see it again, brings back happy memories. :) Was fun to shop along session road (they closed the other lane to make way for stalls! :) love love ukay and tiangges. :) 

It's the week before Christmas and I'm still not done with my shopping list. I just remembered to list all my inaanaks. I have to finish that this week. hehe. I'm feeling the festive mood already, no ususal traffic along Katipunan Avenue today (where my office is.), i think all the schools are on vacation already. Can I go on vacation too? haha. I wish. 

Hope you all enjoy the already festive atmosphere. :) Happy Holidays everyone!


wickeRmoss said...

i dig naman the hazel toffee nut latte din ! looking good rache:)

FashionistArchitect said...

@wickermoss: thanks charles! :) craving for starbucks tuloy. Hehe

Wonder Woman said...

To be honest, the Starbucks Christmas drinks are my favorite things about the holiday season... :/

FashionistArchitect said...

@wonderwoman : mee too, one of my favorite things. :)