Sunday Dinner Out: Sumo Sam + Fruitti Froyo

August 30, 2011

Sunday nights are always fun. We get together after church and hangout, have coffee, or yogurt (Red Mango or Fruitti Froyo!) and dinner. I love Sunday nights because its the last time I get to spend hanging out, relaxing, enjoying company of friends, before Monday comes again. 

We decided to hangout at Fruitti Froyo to have our yogurt snack (which is our new favorite place. We love it there because we get to hangout, and get to satisfy our craving for yogurt, at an affordable price! yummy!) Then we decided to eat at Sumo Sam (yes, were kinda spontaneous, dessert first before dinner. haha). 

I just love going out with friends. I am a sentimental person, so I enjoy hangout dates and overnights, just having coffee, dinner or dessert and chatting and bonding with friends. Maybe it's also a girl thing. hehe. Our Sunday night hangouts are no exception. I always enjoy the company of friends, and we always have so much fun! :) Love it! 

 Me and my sister Steph

Kai and me. I love this pic. :)

Jen, Poy and Me

 Jordy, Jen and Kai + my sister Nik (goofing around. hehe)
My sister + her Hubby + nephew in background, and Jordy. :)

Us having fun with the camera. :) 

 Had dinner at Sumo Sam.

Sunday Night hangout outfit :  
Wore my Manel's clogs in the morning then changed into my flats 
for our hangout session after church.

On me: Top: Random II Jeans: Greenhills II Flats:Shoe Gallery
On my sister, Steph: Top:Random II Skirt: Forever21 II Flats: Parisian II Bag: Mango

Don't you just love hanging out with friends? :)

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