Bloggers' Meet up at Trinoma

August 31, 2011

The long weekend went by so fast, I miss it already. hehe. It was fun waking up late, and bumming around watching tv, eating chips, going on the internet, and going out to the mall.

We took advantage of the long weekend and set a date to meet up with the other blogger friends. We were able to round up 8-9 bloggers, to meet up, and just get together (through the powers of twitter, and texting. and great event coordination skills. hehe ). We have been communicating online through twitter and facebook for a while, and it was so much fun to see the bloggers in person. 

We met up at Trinoma, (which was packed with people because it was a holiday, I think everyone wanted to get out and make gala.) and headed to hangout at Coffee Bean to wait for the others. Was fun just to chat with each other, and get to know one another. :) We had a little round of exchange gifts (where everyone brought a little gift to share) was so much fun! 

Us hanging out at Coffee Bean! 

Gie and Me. She picked out my name, I picked out hers, so literally, we just exchanged gifts. :) I got a cute bag full of little goodies (find it if you can, mejo na-camouflage sa top ko. hehe) , I gave her a bottle of bath and body works lotion. :) 
Gie, lets go shopping in Divi soon! :)

A little retail therapy. hehe. We went to landmark to look at stuff: makeup, accessories, etc. Bought this super good hair product/conditioner : Lory's Fruitcocktail Cream, for just P148! (thanks Genn for recommending the product! so love it! )

A rundown of the girls' blogs. Do follow them! :)

Loved hanging out with the you girls! We have to do this again. :) 

photos from Gie, Jen and Aya. :) Thanks girls!

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