Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Movie Love : Midnight in Paris

It is my ultimate dream to travel the world and see all the great architectural monuments/structures up close. We studied the great cathedrals and the greatest modern structures of our time in Architecture school, thus my dream architectural tour/trip around the world. 

My dream destination is Europe. Rome, Milan (shopping! haha), Spain, Greece, Amsterdam, Paris. I definitely want to visit Paris. I hope I get to do that in my lifetime (maybe on my honeymoon when I get married sometime soon? hahah). I just think it's such a romantic city, with all of its charm, exquisite style and great architecture and culture. Its a dream destination for all hopeless romantics. :)

I loved Before Sunset. The movie starred Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke, and was also set in Paris. The movie was just about the two main characters who met in Paris, and their conversations during the time they were together. Some people would say it was boring (the main characters were just talking the whole time), but I loved it. And I also loved Julie Delpy's jacket - perfect for an afternoon in Paris. :) 

Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy. (credits to owner of image.)

her jacket. :)

This year, I'm watching out for another movie : Midnight In Paris. The movie stars Rachel McAdams and Owen Wilson, and is a romantic comedy set in Paris about a young couple, and a young man's love for the city. I've seen the trailer, and it looks promising. :) i'm itching to watch it. hehe. 

The movie poster looks artsy fartsy, the kind of movie I like - a romantic comedy set in Paris. 
And its written and directed by Woody Allen. :)

more stills from the movie:

Will definitely watch out for this. :)

credits to owners of the photos.


WonderWoman said...

Hi Rache, I've actually seen this movie and was planning on writing a blog post review about it tomorrow. :) In a nutshell: I loved it. However, my boyfriend was a lil lost with all of the artist and writer references. Watch out for my review tomorrow at :)

Diane said...

i love that movie too..
wish to go to paris someday..
love this post huN!

Number Two Lover said...

AAAAAAAHHHH Europe!! :( I badly want to go there before I die :)) Thanks for the movie suggestions XD

fashionistarchitect said...

@wonderwoman: am excited to watch the movie! i think ill love it too. :) will read your review.

@diane and number two lover: europe, paris is my dream destination too! :) i hope we get to travel there soon. hehe. :)

WonderWoman said...

Here's my review:

Btw, I've been to Paris and it is indeed a very gorgeous city. The first time I went, everyone was under the millennium bug, so there was a huge countdown of lights to what we all believed to be the end of the world - right on the Eiffel Tower. It was amazing. <3 And European guys? *melt*

fashionistarchitect said...

@wonderwoman: haha. id love to see the eiffel tower! and the European guys! :)

read your review. cant wait to watch the movie. :)