Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Color is good. But I love wearing black and white. I find that its the easy choice (when I wake up late, there's no more time to think, I just slip on a black and white dress. or an LBD), and its easier to accessorize. Its like a canvass : black and white can go well with any color, or accessories (sliver, or gold). For some reason, I've been wearing black and white often. I just love how its do classy, clean and crisp. :)

Its fun to style a black and white outfit because you can do anything you like. You go crazy with the accessories and mix and match. :) see my red pumps? :)

Black and white stripes, or geometric cuts.

Pair it with browns and warm colors to soften the look. :)

Accessorize with black (see belt and clutch. :)
I love how black and white goes well with color. I love adding color to my black and white outfit. 
If not my bag or shoes, it's my nails :) (like what I'm wearing today-black and white dress, red nails. hehe)

Love black and white.
What's your favorite trend? :)


Michelle said...

I feel kinda naked if I'm not wearibg some sort of color on me! Last week for my color theory class, we were required to come to school in all neutral colors! I came in in black and white from head to toe! Lol

Jenn said...

I personally prefer lots of colors. No, I ain't a clown. haha! It's just that I prefer seeing colors as it brigtens up my day but if I were to wear anything black or white I'd give a pop of color with my shoes. :) followed. :)

fashionistarchitect said...

@mich: id say colors are fun too! there are just some times i prefer wearing black and white. :) you can still have color naman when wearing black and white. :)

@jenn: mee too! i love colors as well! :) when i wear a black and white outfit, i make sure that I accessorize with something colorful. :)

Fashion CouSense said...

simple, sweet, and sophisticated. i agree that the key is to accessorize. ;-)


fashionistarchitect said...

@fashion cousense: correct! :) so classic and sophisticated. :)

Amanderrific! said...

love the outfit!

fashionistarchitect said...

@Amandarrific: thanks! :)