Manel's Anniversary Sale!

July 13, 2011

I love shoes! I would love to have a pair of every kind if I was given a choice (hehe). I love getting pretty shoes at bargain prices, and I definitely love sales. :) So, I was excited that I was able to attend the private sale at Manel's, in celebration of  their anniversary. 

All shoe lovers and shopaholics (hehe) : the Manel's Anniversary Sale will last for 5 days, with 50% OFF on ALL items at ALL BRANCHES! The sale starts today, July 13 and will run 'till July 17.  Super exciting news! 

 (photo from Manels Fb page)

I could say the Manel's has stepped up their game, the Megamall store is newly done, and I must say that it is looking chic and fresher! (that's coming from a view point of an architect! :) Love the mix of pink (representing the line for the ladies: Catch) and the blue (representing the line for the men: Maphisto).

Me checking out the pretty shoes. :) (photo from Manels Fb page)

I love all the new stuff in the store! I had a hard time picking out one shoe that i liked, but I am very happy with my choice. It was like being a kid in a candy store! (hehe) Here are some of my favorites:

every fashionista needs a pair of cute flats. :)

ballet flats. :)

 the platform booties. and the bag!

 love all the shoes in this picture. my favorite has got to be the nude one on the far left! :)

The bags!

Can you guess what I took home?

love my new clogs! :)

More pics from the event:

with Jen, Kai, and Sir Mark ,VP for Operations of Manel's. 

with Ana and Jen

 Jen, Kai and Sarah

Charles, Kai and Jen

Had dinner at Bonchon after. :)

with Ava

Loved everything at Manel's! It was a great event, enjoyed the sale, as well as bonding with the other fashion bloggers. :)

Drop by any Manel's store nearest you to check out the awesome sale!

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