Monday, July 11, 2011

Lace on Architecture

Lace as an inspiration for the cladding/covering of this structure. A female architect must have designed this. hehe. 

There is such a cross between fashion and architecture (two things I love. :) Fashion can take inspiration from architecture and architecture takes inspiration from fashion. It's interesting to see how the architects come up with brilliant ideas of how to finish/clad buildings. 

Gorgeous play of light with this pattern.

perimeter "lace" fence. pretty. :)

Lace exudes gracefulness and sophistication. A great inspiration to pick up texture and pattern.



Ohhthat! by tin said...

nice nice! :-) very interesting arch. ching

Viva La Manika said...

This is beautiful and mind-blowing. I love how unique the concept of your blog is. Mind if I link you up? ♥

fashionistarchitect said...

@tin: very nice noh? i was very much impressed when i saw this myself. hehe. :)

@vivaLaManika: am glad you like my blog. its a mixture of the two things i like most: fashion and architecture. :) sure. feel free to link my blog, that would be great! :)